I have been on TRT

with injections for many years and have almost got used to the “roller coaster”, but recently have had to have a AAA operation, after the OP everything is pretty much as it was before EXCEPT that ejaculation stopped completely and it looks like it is now permanent. Shows how fragile it is!.

First why are you impotent

Meaning have you had a prostrate operation or are just impotent by other means. For me I had cryo treatment for prostrate cancer it left me impotent and nothing works except shots. I have gotten the same results from a medical pot from Calif. But have no ejaculation only the intense feeling of one. At least you are having some results from the pills.
Good luck

ED meds

People often mistakenly think that Viagra is the first drug approved by the FDA for the treatment of impotence; that first drug was, in fact, yohimbine hydrochloride!

May I ask you what dosage you are taking to get this result? I have been taking 5.4 mg, 3 times a day, for over a month with no results.
I’ve wondered what would happen if I took 3 pills at the same time (or more), but haven’t because of concerns with possible blood pressure increases.

My doctor presribed yohimbine hydrochloride (look here – canadian pharmacy) for me before Viagra was available in Canada. It worked great for a short while and then I seemed to have developed a tolerance for it and I was right back to where I started. I had previously tried a herbal yohimbe that I bought across the border and had similar results.


erection no ejaculation

am currently getting inconsistent results with viagra, blood flow to penis that does’nt remain long enough for penetration. have not ejaculated in several months, masterbation or intercourse. realize that erection, and viagra don’t neccessarily lead to ejaculation.

Implant within the last 5 years

This question is for anybody who has had an implant within the last 5 years.  How long did you have to take off from work? 2 weeks, 3 weeks or more? If you were already retired, how long after the surgery were you able to walk and drive without any apparent signs of discomfort? I am asking this, because I still work and am not planning to advertise that I got a penile implant and also would not want any giveaway signs.

There are several reasons for so many procedures

My first implant was in 1981. I had one of the pioneering surgeons, but still was in the hospital for several weeks. Modern implants and techniques require day surgery or an overnight stay for the majority of patients. So lots of things have changed.
The real problems come when revisions are required. Some of my implants failed (3), other surgeries were required to reduce scarring and cylinder movement.
I would say most of my surgeries were to correct the previous surgeons mistakes, or lack of treatment.
I have sought out the best and most known surgeons, and have found that they usually provide adequate, to substandard care, due to their busy schedules and most teach as well. So it is not the big name Dr. I would automatically go to on my next go round.
The implant usually has to be removed each time a major revision is made. My implant history is 27 years – I am 54 now, so half my life has been with these things.

You can have excellent results, or be a total disaster – just like any other surgery.

A lot of “generic” viagra and cialis

Considering the offers I receive daily, there is a lot of “generic” viagra and cialis. I have dealt exclusively with a Canadian pharmacy although the drug comes from India. I have never tried cialis in this country because the cost is prohibitive. The time, I admit was a gamble but I have reordered a number of times since what is sent seems to do the job.

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider with the implant

Your age, activity level and expectations are top of the list. Most postings that are from new implant patients are thrilled with the results. Newer implants are much more reliable than the ones from previous decades. It needs to be considered seriously, as the procedure irreversible.

On the plus side – if you are completely impotent – it is the only treatment option. The first implant usually yields the best results.

The considerations for the implant in my experience are as follows:

Penile shortening. Each individual will respond differently to the implants. Typically the erect penis will lose an 1″ or more. But not all patients do – but be prepared.

Natural erections. Depending on your penile architecture, you may have a natural looking erection.
You must remember that the implant only replaces the tissues in the penile shaft. So if you have a large glans (head) this may not be firm enough for comfortable sexual relations. This is usually not an issue.

I never found the pump in the scrotum as a problem, you will have an adjustment, but it is not really an issue.

The flaccid state of your penis will be altered somewhat. I was a pro athlete, but never felt comfortable showering in an open shower after the implant. If you are older and not as active, this might not be an issue.

The main issues for me are if you need a revision – again this is dependent on how old and active you are.
I was very young (25) for my 1st implant. When a new implant is needed, it can require a much more invasive procedures to remove the implanted cylinders and this can cause additional scarring and shortening of the penis.
Nerve damage and loss of all sensitivity can be produced.
Other issues are erosion, the movement of the cylinders too close to the skin surface. This has been greatly reduced because the implanted cylinders are place further back from the glans.
Anther issue for my has been the weakening of the penile shaft wall, causing an aneurysm, which requires corrective surgery.

I lost over 3″ and all sensation in the penis. But again – I am the extreme case, having 7 implants and 18 surgeries to try and alleviate revision issues.

Sorry for the long post.

Hope this helps.

I have a friend here who is going for Triple by-pass on March 22

He has had a low Cholesterol level for years about 122 and thought he was safe he laughed at the use of Vit C and E, Omega-3, few times generic Azithromycin and other supplements about 4 years ago he started out in his Kitchen making Cheese spreads he now has a little Factory turning out lots of Spreads for the local grocery market it is a great tasting product with differenct add ins like peppers and horseradisholives I think tho he has been eating a lot of cheese more than normal and I have no doubt his problem is Calcification from all the Calcium in the cheese Last year he also had an anyerisem of the Colon while attending a Cheese seminar in Wisconsin his Colon ruptured allowing it contents to flow into his abdominal cavity it nearly killed him but he recovered from that after surgery again I think lack of proper minerals like copper and others found only with Supplementsbecause its not in our food supply.
By pass is about his only option as his artery is clogged with a 2 inch long blockage which a balloon will not compress and Cholesterol 122.
He still does not believe in Supplements and I am wondering if his Chol is really 122 or he got it that low with drugs which may account for the Colon problem Thought I would pass the story along bh

I visit this blog sporadically and have just read your entries

and find most of what you say pretty much on the money and to the point. My question to you, as a conscientious physician, is: have you seen a competent doc to find out what is the cause of your erectile dysfunction? I doubt it’s psychological, as you seem pretty much together in your attitude toward, and appreciation of sex. So if it’s organic, and you’re only 35, and you ordering tadalafil online, so do you have diabetes? … or “prediabetes,” now called “dysmetabolic syndrome X” – it’s pretty common in
Americans, and less common in Europeans, and is generally attributable to obesity, diet, and lack of exercise. Or is it alcohol, tobacco, high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, or have you got a testosterone deficiency? I doubt the latter, as lack of interest in things genital generally accompany low T. The others are all contributors to vascular disease, which often manifests itself as male ED, generally long before expressing itself in heart trouble, TIAs and strokes.
I’m not trying to pry, but I have kids your age, and you shouldn’t have to be dealing with this problem at this stage in your life. All the insight you seem to have gained, however, should serve you well for a lifetime. Forgive me if my inquiry is in any way offensive. I wish you every success in regaining and/or maintaing a fulfilling sex life, as I personally think it can be one of the best things in a man’s life. It’s personally been a strong motivator for me in many of my life’s decisions and choices.

The first implant usually has very good results

Having 7 of these, and having implants for over 27 years, I can say that there are many good things – but as with all mechanical devices – there are drawbacks as well.
I would fully investigate all options before getting the implant. If you do have problems, which you very well may have – depending on your age – it becomes much more complicated when a revision is needed. You can have years of good use from an implant. But go into this knowing all of your options.

I post on a lot of the health forums concerning the PI

I am a ‘veteran’ of the penile implant, with 27 years living with one. The first implant usually yields the best results. You should retain all of your sensitivity. It is important to note that you should investigate every possible treatment option before you commit to the implant.

Make sure you have a very experienced surgeon if you choose the implant route.
There are drawbacks to the implant, but if it is the only treatment option, it is the only game in town. If you have specific questions you and contact me.

There are others here that have implants, so I am sure you will here from them as well.

I am unable to comment on a PI

but I can’t help responding to your comment that you “took a lot of chances when you were younger and indulged too much. I think this is why I have the problems with ED….at 51″.

I can’t imagine that you overindulged at an early age; I started when I was around twelve and it’s a miracle that I ever got through college. active doesn’t begin to describe it; In my twenties I was insatiable and at every opportunity I took advantage of having sex. In my case B/P and onset of type II diabetes (genetic predisposition) the meds affected me. Still it wasn’t until my late sixties that I really noticed that sex was never going to be as spontaneous as in the past. I am now 78, still love sex, and thank God for generic Cialis which is available on line.If PI was my only option I think I would probably find a new hobby to occupy my mind, if not my body. Hey, it’s going to end sometime, right?

I received my implant in February of this year

I was in the hospital at 8:00 AM and home by 4:00 PM the same day. I was pretty much confined to my couch until the next day because I was sent home with a catheter (my surgeon says it’s easier to start urinating if the caheter stays un overnight). My wife was instructed on how to remove the catheter and did a fine job. I am retired, so UI just took it easy for a couple of days. Driving and walking were not a problem. I was definitely sore for a while, but percoset is your friend! Tefhnically you are not supposed to drive while on narcotic pain killers, but I only took the percoset before bed.

You will need a “cover story”. Most of us say we had a minor hernia repaired. Not entirely untrue because the incision to place the reservoir creates a very minor hernia (I never even felt any discomfort in this area).

I suggest you visit penileimplant.blogspot.com to see what others have gone through. This site helped me to make the decision to have this surgery, a decision I am very satisfied with! Contains graphic pictures.

My doctor has suggested PI

as an alternative to my ED problem. I have just started the less evasive procedures, since my dr made sure that viagra would not be dangerous for me to take, so I know I will have a long ways to go before I get to this point (Penile Implant). My question is to the PI vetrans, is there any decrease in sensation after the surgeries?
I took a lot of chances when I was younger, and induldged too much, I think this is why I have the problems with ED at the early age of 51.
Is it true, that with a lifetime of induldgement, you will have ED problems?
Forgive me for the question’s, but I am new at this and very scared of what is to become of my ED problems, theres not a lot of people/places you can go to get the answers I have.

Does physical stimulation help?

Does it help you achieve an erection if your wife or girlfriend manually or orally stimulates you during foreplay? That seems to help me sometimes, but the older I get, the longer it takes.


ps. Foreplay works as long as I take 100mg. of Viagra and some light vacuum pumping and a cock ring.